A customer once asked us to convince him why he should buy an old school John Deere.

Thing is, if you really know these machines, you don’t need us to convince you.

You don’t need anyone telling you what to buy. You know what you want. 

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John Deere 430 for sale

What do you get when you mow your lawn with an old school John Deere?


Pride in ownership of a machine that was made in the good ‘ol USA.

Pride in your country – and the people who fought for it.

That’s what owning an old school John Deere gives to its owners.

You honor what was made in your country…manufactured with pride in craftsmanship…and decades later is still running – a testament to its quality.

Classic John Deere’s speak for themselves. We’re always painstakingly bringing John Deere 318’s, 322’s, 332’s, 420’s, and 430’s back to their originality. Why? Because these great American machines deserve it.

After all, nothing runs like a Deere, right?

John Deere 332 for sale


John Deere 332

by Green Ridge Restorations, LLC

John Deere 420


John Deere 420

by Green Ridge Restorations, LLC

Tradition means something for John Deere enthusiasts.

There’s something wonderfully nostalgic about hanging out in your garage, tinkering on your old muscle car, maybe a 1969 Charger or a 70’s Road Runner…

You huddle under the hood with your son or grandson and together you look in awe on the original 383ci V8 with 335HP engine…it’s a piece of history that today’s generation just doesn’t appreciate.

Amid the familiar scents of oil and gasoline, surrounded by tall, stacked tool boxes, walls chockful of tools of endless variety, you’re at home. And with your son or grandson at your side, you share bits of your past with them, your love of cars and motors…and tinkering in the garage.

As the years pass, the good ‘ol days spent in the garage become fond memories.

You reminisce when your son used to sit on your lap as you mowed the thick green lawn on a warm summer’s day…just the two of you…enjoying each other’s company, in silence, but for the engine sounds of that beloved John Deere 318.

Maybe when the time came you passed that 318 on to your son…along with the great memories. You believe in tradition.

Now it’s time to rekindle your fondness for these great American machines with another John Deere 318 (or maybe something more robust like a 430)…from our shop here at Green Ridge Restorations…to yours.

After all, you wanted to pass along a tradition – but you weren’t quite ready to give up owning an old school John Deere, right?!

John Deere 318 for Sale


John Deere 318

by Green Ridge Restorations, LLC


Jon F. in NY

“Bought this to replace my other 318 but it’s way too nice to plow with. The wife thinks I’m crazy, but I just can’t bring myself to take it out in the winter. You do great work.”

Ron J. in MN,

“The 420 I bought from you 3 years ago is still running strong & I get compliments on it all the time.”

Barb P. in CT,

“Thank you so much for all your help. As you know, this was a gift for my husband’s 60th birthday. He was over the moon about it and thinks it’s so ‘perfect’ he doesn’t want to mow with it and get it ‘dirty’!”