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You’ve Purchased a Restored John Deere at Green Ridge. Now What?

Many are surprised to learn that the vast majority of our customers are not local to our Western New York area. Instead, they journey from all around the country to pick up their John Deere’s from the “Garden Spot of New York State” – a/k/a Eden, NY. For all of our customers, we’ve put together this helpful local guide so that you can make the most of your trip…enjoy!

Finally, the John Deere you’ve been searching for…John Deere 318

Whew! You’ve been diligently searching for your restored John Deere classic – and you’ve found the garden tractor you’ve been looking for here at Green Ridge Restorations.

Great! Whatever lawn tractor you’ve purchased, from the beloved classic John Deere 318 to the robust 430 or any one of our other classics– you’re likely thinking about contacting shippers – or picking it up yourself.

Why not make picking up your newly restored John Deere an “I-owe-it-to-myself” get-away? Whether you make the trip solo or bring someone else along, make your visit to Western New York a memorable one!

Make the Journey to Western NY Memorable

Green Ridge Restorations LLCYou work hard in life. Now that you’ve found the restored John Deere you’ve been searching for, why not make it a journey to remember?

Enjoy fantastic sightseeing and some much deserved time just for you! And, Buffalo LOVES sports and recreation…if you do too, why not plan your trip so you can attend a game?

We’re conveniently located just 3 miles from the Eden-Angola Thruway Exit 57A, which makes an easy route when you’re picking up your John Deere – and easy access to some awesome destination areas.

Whatever your interests, Western New York has something for you. There’s snow much more to Buffalo and the Western New York area than dodging snowflakes!

Classic Architecture, Car Museum, Naval Park, Waterfront Sights & More

Buffalo CIty HallOf course, nearly everyone knows the honeymoon capital of the world, Niagara Falls. That’s only 38 miles away from Green Ridge Restorations.

But that’s just the beginning.

The City of Buffalo is a mere 18 minutes from Green Ridge Restorations. Did you know at the turn of the century, Buffalo thrived in elegance – and had the most millionaires, per capita, of any city in America?

Buffalo City Hall is a local state and national landmark, an elegant example of Art Deco construction.  Each day from 12-1 PM, free tours are given.

Buffalo City Hall is just one outstanding example of Buffalo’s fine architecture. Check out the rest of the Buffalo area’s classic sites.

Sturgeon Point Marina Derby NYIf you love vintage John Deere’s, you may also enjoy bits and pieces of war history and antique cars. The Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park is rich with military history, home of decommissioned US Naval vessels USS Little Rock, USS The Sullivans, and the submarine USS Croaker. There are also smaller vessels and aircraft on display, and it’s all just 30 minutes from Green Ridge.

For car enthusiasts, the Pierce Arrow Museum is a classic destination! But if you just want to kick back and relax, Green Ridge Restorations is 8 minutes from the beautiful Sturgeon Point Marina.

No matter what time of year you visit, Western New York offers something for everyone. If you’re picking up your John Deere in August, you’ll find the Eden Corn Festival in full swing. Shortly after that, the Erie County Fair gets underway, the third largest county fair in the nation.

Bet Ya Didn’t Know The Western New York Area Has…

Here’s a baker’s dozen to check out near Green Ridge Restorations:

Visit Graycliff Estate Derby NY

Graycliff Estate, Derby NY

1- Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, designed by Frederick Olmsted – who also designed Central Park. Built in the late 1890’s, its classic Victorian dome remains a highlight.

2- Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin Martin House

3- Frank Lloyd Wright’s Graycliff Estate, Derby, NY (just 8 minutes from Green Ridge)

4- Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site

5- Canalside, public waterfront area with plenty of activities

6- Tifft Nature Preserve – 264 acres of restored habitat dedicated to conservation

7- Historic grain elevators, a glimpse to the past when Buffalo ruled the waterways

8- Albright-Knox Art Gallery, from Monet to Picasso, enjoy the history of art

9- Larkin Square, opened in 2012, it’s at the center of Larkinville, the site of the former Larkin Soap Company warehouse buildings

10- Buffalo River History Tours – discover the rich history of the Erie Canal and so much more…

11- Eden Kazoo Factory – established in 1916, the only metal kazoo factory in the United States

12- Our Lady of Victory National Shrine, the vision of Father Baker, featuring a 165’ tall copper dome

13- Don’t forget about Buffalo Sports & Recreation! Everything you need to know is right here.

If architecture is what you love, here’s a great resource from our local Buffalo News highlighting some of Western New York’s stunning architectural treasures. 

When You Need To Unwind After A Busy Day…

Hampton Inn, just off Thruway exit 57 in Hamburg (8 minutes from Green Ridge Restorations)

Fields of Eden Inn, LLC, nestled in the heart of downtown Eden (4 minutes from Green Ridge Restorations), offering upscale accommodations in a quaint country setting.

Before you settle in for the night, you need good food, right?! You’ve come to the right place:

“Buffalo, without a doubt, I think, is one of the great eating cities.”

Autumn in Western New YorkThat’s what Michael Stern, a founder of roadfood.com, had to say about our area in a New York Times article. And he isn’t kidding.

Whether you love the classic pizza and wings, or you’re craving some seasonal farm fresh culinary delights, here’s a tantalizing list to get you started:

Need to satisfy your sweet tooth? Just 20 minutes from Green Ridge is Aunt Millie’s in Irving – voted in 2018 by Western New Yorkers as having “Buffalo’s Best Pie”. Stop by this local favorite and you just might be taking a slice or two from WNY back home with you (that is, if it doesn’t get eaten before then!).

Come join us for our area’s best seasonal events…

Eden Corn FestivalIf you’re visiting in early August, be sure to join in on the fun: every year since 1964, Eden has hosted the Eden Corn Festival, a 4-day event that has become one of the largest, longest-running festivals in the Western New York area. The Eden Corn Festival attracts over 100,000 visitors each year – we hope you might be one of them this year!

Just after the Eden Corn Festival, the Western New York area enjoys one of its most well-known events: the Erie County Fair. This is no small event – according to 2014 stats, the Erie County Fair is the largest fair in New York and the third largest county fair in the entire US. Over 1 million fairgoers attend each year. See what’s happening on the Erie County Fair Facebook page here.

wny farm showAnd for farm enthusiasts, 2019 marks the ninth year of the WNY Farm Show, an annual event that combines our local farming population with the services needed for daily operations. Vendors include feed, seed, and equipment dealers, farm service providers, and non-for-profits that specialize in agriculture education, promotion, and advancement. In 2019, the Farm Show takes place Jan 31-Feb 02.

Need some more ideas? Plan ahead with these fun ideas.

No matter what the season or your interests, the Western New York area has plenty to offer. From the bustling pace and lively nightlife of the city of Buffalo to the quiet mornings spent in solitude with nature in God’s country, we like to think of our area of New York State as a hidden gem.

Here are some quick ideas to help you plan your visit.

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Now that you’ve toured our beautiful area, your sights are set on home…Green Ridge Restorations

As you exit our long driveway with your John Deere in tow…we know how much you’re looking forward to returning home.

With you is a member of our John Deere family. Its former owner enjoyed its craftsmanship, its durability. We know you, too, look forward to years of dedicated use, whether lawn mowing, or maybe even a little tilling or plowing.

Others sit patiently waiting in our busy shop, looking forward to the day when they, too, are restored to their original might and power, to create a family tradition in a newly “adopted” home.

And we hope you’ve taken something else with you, too.

As you journey back to your own home, we hope you’ll take with you a little bit of our country hospitality and a peek at our beautiful slice of heaven. Eden is known as the “Garden Spot” of New York, home to some of the more fertile soils in the state.

Green Ridge Restorations roadEach spring the barren fields spring forth with a lush, new crop of fresh offerings. The quiet stillness of winter transforms into fresh, thick greenery, and fields boast acres upon acres of corn, peppers, broccoli, tomatoes and a myriad of other delights. Farm families here go way back, and their love of the land goes as deep as roots of towering old trees.

And if you peek inside some old barns, you’ll see antique John Deere farm tractors that have seen their better days – and now rest as a new generation takes over.

So from our beloved little slice of heaven – to yours – we send along our thanks to you for purchasing from Green Ridge Restorations. And who knows? Maybe someday you’ll visit us again to add another classic John Deere to your “family”!

Buffalo, NY History & Fun Facts:

Beat the Heat

In 1902, Willis Carrier (born in Angola, NY) invented the world’s first modern air conditioning system. On a foggy train, he was struck with an idea, giving rise to an invention which would become the key building block for modern air conditioning.

Millionaires Row

Buffalo once boasted more millionaires per capita than any other city. Delaware Ave. became known as “Millionaires Row” and you can check out the incredible architecture here. 

It's Snow Time

Buffalo, NY averages over 90 inches of snow each year. In comparison, the US average annual snowfall is just about 25 inches. As you might have guessed, it doesn’t top 90 degrees very often.

A Maritime Appeal

According to the NWS, overall Buffalo enjoys the sunniest and driest summers of any major city in the Northeast. And, thanks to the nearby Great Lakes, the climate has a maritime feel.


Grain Elevators

In the early 1840s, the world’s first steam-powered grain elevator was built in Buffalo, NY. This invention enabled Buffalo to stay on top of the fast growth of US agricultural production in the 1840s and beyond.

City of Light

Thanks in large part to its proximity to the powerful Niagara Falls, Buffalo became the first US city to have widespread street lights in the late 1800s. Thus, its nickname “The City of Light.”

Visit the Garden Spot of New York State

Green Ridge Restorations LLC is conveniently located just minutes from NYS Thruway Exit 57A in Eden, NY, part of the Buffalo Southtowns region.

Neighboring municipalities include: Hamburg, Orchard Park, West Seneca, East Aurora, Elma, Evans, Derby, Angola, Boston, Colden, North Collins, Collins, Brant and Irving. Situated in Erie County, NY, Green Ridge is a short drive to nearby Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties.

We’re only a few hours away from Erie, PA and close to Rochester, NY; some of our visitors even enjoy travelling over the Canadian border to Toronto for an entertaining weekend visit. If the country is what you crave, slow down along Amish Trail.

All aboard! If you love trains, be sure to check out the Buffalo Cattaraugus and Jamestown Scenic Railway (BC&J). Journey into the past with steam engine and diesel engine train rides. In the Spring and Fall, passenger excursions are available; specialty excursions are also offered for rail fans.

See if we have the John Deere lawn and garden tractor you’re looking for, or contact us today with your questions.

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