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John Deere 425: What to Know About this American-Made Lawn Tractor

—> To see if we have a John Deere 425 for sale, click here. If you had just about $9,000 to spare back in 1995, you could have brought home a shiny new John Deere 425 lawn tractor from your local dealer. Produced at John Deere’s Wisconsin factory from 1992 through 2001, the 425 John […]

John Deere Lawn Tractors: Should You Choose Gas or Diesel?

Why should I invest in a diesel garden tractor versus a gas-powered mower? What benefits does a diesel lawn tractor have that a gasoline one doesn’t? Can a really expect greater longevity/reliability with a diesel tractor? We hear questions like these often. My personal choice is almost always diesel. Why? Here are 3 top reasons: […]