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Restoration Services in Western NY and Beyond

Using the same principles our forefathers valued – pride in workmanship, attention to detail, and appreciation for the opportunity to collaborate with you – we provide restoration services to individuals and businesses locally in the Western New York area as well as across the United States. Our primary focus is on John Deere lawn and garden tractors; however, we also restore a range of other classic American collectibles from gas pumps and candy scales to safes and pop machines.

You can view a small sampling of our work focused on John Deere’s here in our Portfolio or request more photos if you wish.

Below we’ve provided answers to some of your most common questions. We only restore “whole” items – due to time constraints, we are not able to work on individual pieces (i.e. a side cover, fender, door, etc.).

Reach out to us if you are interested in proceeding with a restoration, or if you have any questions that were not answered here.

Q: How much will you charge to restore my John Deere 318 (or other similar garden tractor)?

A: Most standard restorations for John Deere garden tractors start at $1,500 for COSMETIC work only. Engine/mechanical work is NOT included and will increase this base fee. Because of the wide range of other collectibles we restore (i.e. gas pumps, pop machines), it is not possible to provide individual pricing here; you must contact us for rates.

Q: When can you restore my item? How long will it take? 

A: Unless noted otherwise on this page, we are currently working 4-6 weeks out. Most restorations can be completed in approximately 4 weeks from the date we begin active work, but we will give you a more exact time frame once we’ve had the opportunity to examine the item. Some parts and materials take longer to source, which can add to the restoration time.

Q: How will I get my item to you? 

A: Customers are responsible for shipping or otherwise delivering the item to us. If you are not local to the Western NY area, you will need to arrange shipping and pickup at your expense either by working with a shipper local to your area, or by using a service such as uShip. We always recommend working with a reputable shipper who is highly experienced and fully insured to protect your investment.

Q: What about payment? How do I know how much the total job will cost? 

A: Before the commencement of any work, you will receive a written estimate detailing planned work as well as cost. A 50% deposit is required before any work begins. If we encounter an unexpected situation during the restoration process, we contact you immediately before proceeding further. Payment for all services must be made in full before you collect your item.

Q: Will you provide me with updates of the process? 

A: Of course. We take a full set of photos throughout the process to document our work for reference. We can communicate progress to you during the process via phone or email – whatever your preference is.



Please note: we do not provide appraisal services or offer automotive restoration work of any kind.

Tell us more about your project here. Don’t forget to include a valid email or phone contact so that we can reach you.

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Bought a 420 from you about 3 years ago and just wanted to say what a great machine it’s been.

Ron Richardson

Houston, TX

Appreciate your responsiveness and professionalism. This [318] is a beautiful tractor and I’m honored to have it as something I will pass down to my son.

Dan Frey

Boston, MA

Your work is incredible and the attention to detail with restoring this [455] tractor is outstanding. Can’t thank you enough.

John West

Falls Church, VA

Thank you so much for all your help. As you know, this was a gift for my husband’s 60th birthday. He was over the moon about it and thinks it’s so ‘perfect’ he doesn’t want to mow with it and get it ‘dirty’!

Kathy Jordan

Raleigh, NC

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