John Deere 425: What to Know About this American-Made Lawn Tractor

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If you had just about $9,000 to spare back in 1995, you could have brought home a shiny new John Deere 425 lawn tractor from your local dealer. Produced at John Deere’s Wisconsin factory from 1992 through 2001, the 425 John Deere was part of the high-quality 400 series of garden tractors that also included the 445 and 455.

Weighing in at around 800-900 pounds, these robust lawn and garden tractors remain a popular model, more than a quarter century after the first Deere 425 rolled off the assembly line. They are yet another great example of John Deere’s legacy of American made excellence.

John Deere 425 Specs & Features:


  • Kawasaki FD620D liquid-cooled horizontal shaft V-twin
  • 20HP, 2-cylinder
  • Gas powered
  • Oil filter is PN # FD620D

Those of you who are Deere enthusiasts may know that plastic cam gears were used in the earlier versions of this Kawasaki motor. Later on, steel cam gears were used instead. Kawasaki FD6200 motors that start with serial # 149283 used those steel cams.


  • Hydrostatic Tuff Torq K91 shaft driven transmission
  • Cruise control
  • 4×2 2-wheel drive chassis
  • Mower deck sizes: 48”, 54” & 60” shaft-driven hydraulic lift

The John Deere 425 had power steering with optional all-wheel steer (AWS), which was a popular option among owners. Wheelbase on the AWS tractors was 1” less at 49.4” versus the 2-wheel steer measuring out at 50.4”.


  • 54” front mounted blade, JD 1490M
  • 46” single-stage hydraulic lift snowblower, JD 1481M
  • 47” dual-stage hydraulic lift snowblower, JD 1471M
  • Model 40 John Deere loader

To operate the snowblower attachment, you need a front PTO kit. Have some land to till? Mount a 42-inch hydraulic tiller on the three-point hitch and off you go…

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