John Deere 316 and 318 Parts & Maintenance Ref Sheet

John Deere 318 for sale

Need a quick and easy cheat sheet to find John Deere 318 parts for your next maintenance job? Here it is! This reference sheet applies to both the John Deere 316 and 318 lawn tractor models.

You can download and print/save this as a PDF for convenience by clicking here. (Note: You must have Adobe Acrobat installed. Don’t have it? Download it here.)


Part Number*


Oil Use 15W 40 1.75 Quarts
Oil Filter Napa 1348
Fuel Filter Napa 3011
Hydro Fluid (Recommended)

John Deere Hy-Gard™


Napa Gallon #85401

Approx 6 Quarts for total refill
Hydro Filter Napa 1410
Air Filter


Napa 7-02247

Napa 7-02295


Spark Plugs Autolite #106
Belts – Main Engine to Deck Napa 6713BR
Belts – Blade to Blade Napa 6533BR

*Note that although most of the part numbers referenced above are Napa brand, your local parts store should be able to cross-reference if necessary.