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The Grass is Always Greener…

With summer in full swing, what a perfect time to talk all about…grass. On golf courses and in parks, outside office buildings and college campuses, dotting suburbia and glistening with morning dew along a rolling countryside hill…growing wildly or neatly clipped…the green stuff is pretty hard to escape in most parts of the US. Commercials […]

Retro Rewind: America’s Love Affair with Candy

At Green Ridge Restorations, we have a large stock of antique and vintage candy scales to restore. We used that as inspiration for this post, where we’ll take a walk down the sugary-delicious memory lane to explore the history of American’s love affair with candy. The most common scales we restore are by Toledo and […]

Fill ‘er Up – A Brief History of Gas Pumps

“Nostalgia: A device that removes the ruts and potholes from memory lane.” -Doug Larson Restoring old gas pumps here at Green Ridge is one of our favorite projects. Since we recently took in a few old pumps, we thought we’d use them as inspiration for a post on the history of gas pumps and service […]