Have You Heard of the John Deere 322 Lawn Tractor?

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Many people – even those who aren’t John Deere enthusiasts – are familiar with the 318 lawn and garden tractor. But mention the John Deere 322 – and few people even recall it.

With some sources pointing to an original sticker price of $6,800 back in the day, the Deere 322 was (and remains) a shining example of John Deere’s history of producing quality lawn tractors.

John Deere 322 for saleWhat Makes the John Deere 322 Different from the 318?

Here at Green Ridge Restorations, we don’t take in nearly as many 322’s as we do 318’s. When people ask us what the difference is between the two, it’s pretty straightforward:

The John Deere 322 lawn tractor had a liquid-cooled, 18HP 3-cylinder Yanmar gas engine, whereas the 318 John Deere tractors used an air-cooled Onan gas engine. Some folks think that the 322 was a diesel, but this particular model was only produced with a gasoline engine. John Deere’s 332, however, was a diesel. The 322 lawn tractors also weren’t produced for quite as long as the 318’s: John Deere only manufactured them from about 1988-1992.

John Deere 322General John Deere 322 Specs

Now that you know the difference between the two, here are some other specs on the John Deere 322:

  • Mower deck: 38” 2-blade, 46” 3-blade, or 50” 3-blade hydraulic lift
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic 2WD Sundstrand 90
  • Attachments: 54” front-mounted blade; 46” single-stage or 47” dual-stage snow blowers (both hydraulic lift); John Deere Model 44 loader

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Ready to go back…way, way back?

Let’s step back into 1988 when the first John Deere 322 rolled off the assembly line in Horicon, WI.

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