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The Robust John Deere 430, a Heavy Duty Lawn Tractor

The Robust John Deere 430, a Heavy Duty Lawn Tractor

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At 1,170 pounds and boasting a 20HP 3-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine, the John Deere 430 ruled many a lawn. Manufactured at the Horicon, WI John Deere factory from 1984-1992, the 430 was part of the 400 Series of lawn and garden tractors.

This is a robust, heavy duty tractor and one of the most popular John Deere lawn tractor restorations we do. Some original 430 owners have told us they paid upwards of $9,000 way back in the early 1990s!

John Deere 430John Deere 430 Specs

Here’s a quick summary of stats for the 430:

  • Engine: Yanmar 3TNA72UJ liquid-cooled 3-cyl diesel
  • Transmission: 2WD Hydrostatic Sundstrand 90
  • Mower deck: 50” or 60” 3-blade, shaft driven, hydraulic lift
  • Attachments: 54” front-mounted blade; 46” two-stage hydraulic lift snow blower; John Deere Model 44 loader

Looking for John Deere 430 parts? We recommend JDParts, which is an easy way to find what you need. You can also reach out to your local John Deere dealer.

1984 Time Travel

Join us as we travel back more than three decades to 1984, when the first 430 John Deere tractor was rolled out. If you’re old enough, see if you can remember any of these highlights from 1984…

430 John DeereWhile filming a Pepsi commercial in January ’84, Michael Jackson’s hair went up in flames. The following month, however, Jackson would go on to take home a record eight Grammy’s.

When nude photos surfaced in Penthouse magazine, former Miss America Vanessa Williams gave up her crown. Following the controversy, Williams bounced back in the late 1980s with the release of “Dreamin” which hit #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US.

Some weird weather events included a May 27th flash flood that poured 15” of rain on some areas in Tulsa, OK in just four hours. Fourteen people lost their lives during that event. A few weeks later, on June 8th, an F5 tornado ravages Barneveld, WI, claiming the lives of nine people, injuring scores more, and causing millions in property damage.

Astronaut Kathryn D. Sullivan made history on October 11th, when she became the first American woman to perform a space walk. On October 5th, Marc Garneau became the first Canadian in space, aboard the Challenger.

1984 was a presidential election year, which saw Ronald Reagan beat Walter F. Mondale. Reagan had 59% of the popular vote – the most since Richard Nixon boasted a 61% victory in 1972.

Meanwhile, in entertainment…1984 John Deere History

At the movie theater, Beverly Hills Cop, Ghostbusters, Gremlins, and The Karate Kid were entertaining audiences everywhere. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was the third highest-grossing film that year. Building on America’s dance craze, audiences were tapping their feet to Footloose. And Daryl Hannah sent hearts racing as the beautiful, mysterious mermaid in Splash.

Prince released “When Doves Cry” and Tina Turner wondered “What’s Love Got to Do with It.” Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson’s hit “Say Say Say” hit #3 on the Billobard Top hot 100 songs of 1984, followed by “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins and “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)” from Phil Collins. Rock fans were pumped for Van Halen’s “Jump” and Ray Parker, Jr. released his infectious tune “Ghostbusters.”

You might recognize some of these household names, all of whom came into this world in 1984: singer Katy Perry, actress Scarlett Johansson, basketball player LeBron James, actress America Ferrera, singer and actress Mandy Moore, singer and actress Katharine McPhee, and actress/model Olivia Wilde.

Don’t you feel old now?

Restored John Deere Lawn & Garden Tractors for Sale

Restored John Deere Lawn & Garden Tractors for Sale

Here are our currently available John Deere lawn and garden tractors for sale, outlined below. General specs and actual tractor videos are shown in the table, or you can click the link to visit the tractor page directly.

All tractors have been disassembled, epoxy primed, painted in automotive grade urethane, and then reassembled with stainless steel hardware and all new decals and seat. We also replace filters, fluids, and perform a basic tune-up, so these are ready to mow.

✪To see our past work of restored John Deere lawn and garden tractors in our portfolio, click here. 


John Deere Lawn Tractor Model & Page Link

Basic Specs

Tractor Image

Ready Now! John Deere 430 for Sale

Price: $5,300

Learn more or purchase here. 

  • 20HP Yanmar 3TNA72UJ three cylinder 3-CYL diesel engine
  • 60″-inch shaft-driven hydraulic lift mower deck w/ new deck wheels, new mulching blades, and bearings
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Locking 2-speed differential
  • Power steering
  • New battery
  • New Carlisle Tru Power rear tires
  • Year: 1989
  • Hours meter reads: 1944

SOLD John Deere 318 for Sale

Price: $SOLD

✪Learn more or purchase here. 

  • Onan p218g 18hp Twin Cylinder engine
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • 50″-inch hydraulic lift mower deck w/ new blades, bearings, belts, and deck wheels
  • Power steering
  • Year: 1990
  • Hours meter reads: 1333

Ready Now! John Deere 322 for Sale

Price: $3,650

Learn more or purchase here. 

  • 18HP Yanmar gasoline three cylinder (3-CYL) liquid cooled engine
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • 48″- inch replacement hydraulic lift mower deck w/ new blades, bearings, belts, and deck wheels
  • Power steering
  • Includes original Operator’s Manual!
  • Year: 1988
  • Hours meter reads: Approx. 775

John Deere 318 – One of the Most Popular Lawn Tractors Ever

John Deere 318 – One of the Most Popular Lawn Tractors Ever

✪If you’re looking for a John Deere 318 for sale, click here to see our latest offering. 

If you ask a group of John Deere enthusiasts what their favorite lawn and garden tractor model is, the 318 is likely to rank at the top of the list. Manufactured from 1983-1992, this perennial favorite has become a bonafide American classic.

At Green Ridge Restorations, the #1 model we buy, sell and restore is the John Deere 318. It’s not uncommon for us to purchase an old 318 from the original owner, still in excellent condition and well-cared for.

These powerhouses reigned supreme throughout the 1980s into the early 1990s, and continue to be found in service throughout the US – a quarter century after the last one rolled off the assembly line in Horicon, WI.

Restored Classic John Deere 318 Garden TractorJohn Deere 318 Basic Specs

During the years 1983 through 1987, John Deere used an 18HP Onan B43G 2-cylinder, air-cooled gas engine. From 1987 on, the B43G was replaced by Onan’s P218 18HP 2-cylinder, air cooled gas engine.

The 318 also featured a shaft-driven hydrostatic Sundstrand 90 transmission. Mower deck sizes were 38”, 46”, and 50”.

Many attachments were available for the 318, including the following:

  • 54” wide blade
  • 46” single-stage snow blower
  • 47” dual-stage snow blower
  • 48” shaft-driven tiller
  • 30” hydraulic tiller, with optional extension to 42”
  • Model 44 loader
  • Several bagger systems, ranging from a standard two-bag, 6.5 bushel to an impressively large, 13-bushel collection system.

Our restored John Deere 318’s with Power Flow baggers systems are some of the most popular models we sell.

When Was My John Deere 318 Made?

If you want to determine what year your 318 was manufactured, start by retrieving the serial number, which is located on a small plate beneath the steering column.

Basically, John Deere 318 serial numbers begin with “M00318X”. Following that, you’ll see a group of six digits, such as 285073. A whole serial number stamped on the plate will therefore look something like this: M00318X285073. Those last six digits identify the manufacturing year.

Below is a quick reference chart to help you figure out when your 318 was made:

If The Year Is, Serial Number Begins With…
1983 222001
1984 285001
1985 315001
1986 360001
1987 420001
1988 475001
1989 595001
1990 010001
1991 100001
1992 110001
Final production 120000


318 John Deere

Similar Models to the JD 318

The John Deere 316 is a lower-end model that is similar to the 318, but without power steering. If you’re used to power steering on your lawn and garden tractor, operating the 316 can definitely feel awkward at first.

Additionally, some lesser known models also produced during that time included the Yanmar-powered 322, 330, and 332 Deere models.

Fun fact: John Deere was riding high in the 80s. In May 1984, its Horicon Works plant in WI produced its 1 millionth lawn tractor there, a 318. Not unlike our own experiences selling restored vintage models today, the 318 was a top seller during its production years.

Where to Find Parts for the Deere 318

If you need parts for your own 318, John Deere still offers many for sale. For engine parts, Onan Parts is a great source. You can also check to see if a farm and John Deere 318 garden tractorgarden store in your area has access to the parts you need.

If you’re looking for an obscure part or trying to get a deal, you can always check out eBay since the inventory and offerings are constantly changing.

Need a manual for your 318? Search Google to see what you find – sometimes whole manuals are available for free in PDF form or directly online. Or, try one of the resources already listed above.

If you want more detail on the John Deere 318 or any other model, we highly recommend TractorData.com and the Weekend Freedom Machines Forum.

Looking Back, Riding Ahead

1986 John Deere 318Like any classic piece of American history, the John Deere 318 has a devoted, almost cult-like following. For many, the memories of a beloved family member painstakingly manicuring the lawn with his 318 are even more valuable than the tractor itself.

We get to meet a lot of people – and we hear a lot of stories about granddad taking his grandkids for a ride on a 318, dad plowing the first winter’s snow…

People love reminiscing back to the days when they first purchased their 318’s…in  1983 when the very first 318 model was manufactured, Michael Jackson’s hit song, “Billie Jean” topped the charts.  That was followed with his second super hit of the year, “Beat It.”  But The Police took the number one spot in Billboard magazine’s Top Hot Songs of 1983 with “Every Breath You Take.”

Movie theaters enjoyed a resurgence of popularity.  Return of the Jedi and Scarface were box office hits. And of course – who could forget Flashdance?

1983 John DeereAnd “new” food items became household munchies, like the introduction of flavored popcorn, wine coolers, fruit roll ups and Steak-umms.

And how about cars?  Remember what Motor Trend’s Top Car for 1983 was?  The AMC/Renault Alliance!  Motor Trend admitted it was “certainly no lightning bolt” and its boxy shape looks awkward and out of place compared to today’s smoothly contoured cars.

That can’t be said for the John Deere!  It still is ‘in style’ even over 30 years later!  Reliable, nostalgic and dependable, it lives up to the old slogan, “Nothing runs like a Deere.”

At Green Ridge Restorations, we’re helping the next generation of John Deere enthusiasts create new memories with the classic 318.

We often have a John Deere 318 for sale, but they don’t last long. Click here to see if we have any currently available. 



Your Go-To Reference of Classic John Deere Lawn & Garden Tractor Resources

Your Go-To Reference of Classic John Deere Lawn & Garden Tractor Resources

One of the most common questions we’re asked is about owner’s manuals and routine maintenance for classic John Deere lawn and garden tractor models. We’ve put together this post as a resource that we’ll be adding to as we come across additional information that you may find helpful.

Given the age of these machines, it isn’t always easy to find manuals and/or parts. In most cases, you can at least obtain an operator’s manual as a basic resource. If you’re looking for an obscure part that your local Deere dealer or parts supplier doesn’t stock, you can always try searching eBay, where the inventory is continually changing, or Craigslist.

For a wealth of general info and support, we continue to recommend these sites if you’re interested:

Weekend Freedom Machines Forum
DescThe Lawn and Garden Tractor site for John Deere Lawn and Garden tractor discussion groups, Tractor information, Parts information, and more.

DescYour source for used tractors, combines, and all makes of used farm equipment and implements.

DescInformation, data, and photos on all makes and models of farm tractors.

If you have one of the following models, use any of the links below to access the manual you’ll need:

  • John Deere 316
  • John Deere 318
  • John Deere 420

Access at MANUALSDIR.COM > 316, 318 & 420 Lawn & Garden Tractors

Alternative access link at SlideShare > 316, 318 & 420 Lawn & Garden Tractors

Alternative access link at Weekend Freedom Machines > 316, 318 & 420 Lawn & Garden Tractors

If you have one of the following models, use any of the links below to access the manual you’ll need:

  • John Deere 425
  • John Deere 445

Access at SCRIBED.com > John Deere 425, 445 Operator’s Manual

Alternative access link at John Deere > John Deere 425, 445 Operator’s Manual

Access Tech Service Manual at SlideShare > John Deere 425 Lawn Tractor Service Repair Manual


If you have one of the following models, use any of the links below to access the manual you’ll need:

  • John Deere 322
  • John Deere 330
  • John Deere 332
  • John Deere 430

Access link at SlideShare > 322, 330, 332 & 430 Lawn & Garden Tractors

Alternative access link at Weekend Freedom Machines > 322, 330, 332 & 430 Lawn & Garden Tractors


Looking for a different model? If yours is a John Deere 455:

Access at John Deere > John Deere 455 Operator’s Manual

Access the technical manual at SlideShare > 415 and 455 Lawn & Garden Tractors | Technical Manual

Because you can never have too many references for your classic Deere, here are a few more we found that you may find useful:


When you own a John Deere, you mow because you want to. Not because you have to.

When you own a John Deere, you mow because you want to. Not because you have to.

✪Want to see what we have currently available for sale? Click here. Or, learn more about our custom Restoration Work.

When you own a John Deere, you mow because you want to. Not because you have to.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed many a friendly conversation with customers. Most don’t simply arrive at the shop to pick up their restored John Deere and leave. Once they see the various John Deere’s here at Green Ridge Restorations, neatly lined up like attentive soldiers, some totally restored, others patiently waiting their turn at a new life, well…

The John Deere conversation often includes a confession of sorts.

…all that is fuel for the fire – the conversation fire, that is. A lot of reminiscing goes on, a lot of praise for the John Deere line, a lot of “I wouldn’t own anything but a John Deere,” and then…. a confession.

No, not that kind of confession, about something they’ve done that they shouldn’t have.

This is a simple, “let-me-tell-you-something kind of confession that I don’t let on to anyone.”

First time I heard something like this I was bracing for a humdinger of a story. Not sure what I was expecting to hear, I nonchalantly folded my arms over, leaned back against a John Deere 318 that was waiting to be restored, and waited for the real-life confession, whatever it may be.

If you’re a John Deere enthusiast, I know you can relate.

“You know, I don’t mow the lawn because I have to. I mow it because I want to.”

Then he got a big grin across his face.

“Yeah, that’s right. There’s some days I can’t wait to hop on my John Deere and mow the lawn. You know why?

Well, he had me hooked now. I had to know why.

When You Hop on Your Classic John Deere, it’s YOUR time…

John Deere 420 for sale

John Deere 420

“Because it’s my time.  For an hour or so, no one bothers me. No one. I can’t hear anyone talk, I can’t hear a cell phone, and I can’t hear anyone yell at me.  It’s like it’s my private time – away from the world – but enjoying my yard, admiring the work I put into it, seeing birds fly to the feeders, and giving myself a pat on the back for all the work I’ve accomplished.”

He went on to explain how it was ‘his’ time. Even if it was just an hour, it was his own thoughts, ideas, plans, and projects, his own reflections of life. Between work and family, he explained, he just needs that ‘breather,’ like taking a step away, and recharging his inner battery.

After that confession, there was a brief silence in the shop.

He quickly added: “Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t like work or family or life. It’s nothin’ like that. It’s just that sometimes I feel like I need a break from the daily grind. So I head to the garage, hop on my John Deere, and out I go. Doesn’t matter if that grass doesn’t need mowing. I need to mow.

Classic John Deere lawn tractorsAnd sometimes, I purposely mow slower, so it takes longer.”

Then he was quiet.

I was, too. Because I understood what he was saying. I get it.

It’s About Taking a Step Back from Life.

He loaded up his restored 318 that he purchased, we shook hands, and he drove off.

In different words, many a customer has expressed the same feelings.

How many times have we heard the old phrase, “the world is too much with us?”  William Wordsworth wrote that over 200 years ago. Heck, I bet he’d say the same words today – and probably a lot more!

I’m guessing that when the John Deere’s were engineered decades ago, the inventor never imagined that not only would the tractor tend to the lawns, in its own way, it would tend the owners, too.

Faithful John Deere owners not only mow lawns, they mow back life, so to speak, for just a little bit.

For a half hour or hour or whatever length of time, they hop on their John Deere’s and take a step back from life.

If we only had a patent for that!





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