Do we really have to explain why you should buy a Deere?

Conventional marketing strategy dictates that you must convince the buyer why they should make their purchase.

Those marketers don’t know much about John Deere’s. And they certainly don’t know you.

You’re someone who has respect for our great country – and for American-built machines architected on a legacy of pride in workmanship. China-made BS from the big-box stores doesn’t cut it with you.

Your idea of relaxing? Tinkering in your shop on weekends…

…and the great outdoors. Whether you own 1 acre or 1,000…experiencing the freedom the comes from hopping on your old John Deere and just mowing. Taking in nature, smelling the fresh cut grass…you know….

If you don’t “get it” … we’ll never be able to convince you. Start (or continue) your own John Deere tradition today.

Past & Present

We blend past and present – breathing new life into tired old pieces – to restore nostalgic classics into functional pieces that will last another lifetime.

What We Do

We buy, sell, and restore (mechanical and cosmetic) vintage and antique items, from candy scales and pop machines to farm equipment and John Deere lawn tractors.

Work With Us

Interested in working with us? Please fill out the contact form below. Please note that we do not provide automotive restoration or appraisal services of any kind.

Green Ridge Restorations, LLC is located just outside of Buffalo in beautiful Western New York state. We work with clients locally and beyond. If you’re not local to the area, you may pick up your item(s) or arrange shipping at your expense.

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